Saturday, February 7, 2009


McCall what can I say? well I can start By saying that the day of the trip I completely did not want to go by any means, but in the end I am glad I went. Me and five of my friends stayed at my good freind grandparents cabin. All I can say about the trip is it was very interesting. Points of the trip 1. Being super annoyed with one of the guys due to some past drama. 2. kicking everyone's but at blined man's poker. 3. getting about 3 hours of sleep due to the fact that aj kept playing tricks to scary me all night. 4. Eating smore wallfuls. 5. watching the snow races. 6. being cold and whining about it. p.s. my spell check is not working so you will have to deal with the spelling skills aka no skills. But I came to the realization on this trip, people don't care.....they dont care if I am in a bad mood or tired. People dont care its not fair to bring everyone down just cuze I am in a bad mood so my new goal is to whine less becuze i do that a lot, and try to be more positive and focus less on the callie factor. I'm not actually sure how long this will last lol. But im giving it a shot.

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