Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Peter Pan

Life is a very complicate, and delicate and if we do not take the right steps are life can turn in a whole complete direction we never intended it to. Just think every choice we make has a consequence, every action has a result. What if we made a very small simple choice that altered all life completely. That's what we do as humans we make choices and every day we have to live with them good or bad.
Some times its easy to think I want to just stop were I am, I never want to grow. life is hard some times we feel as we keep going things will only get worse, or the things in life we want can never come. But the truth is if we just stop in never land due the fear will will miss out on the good things that come with the bad. So I ask you to reach on and keep searching till you reach the second star on till morning and find your happy never land. Im still looking... somtimes I feel like I will never get there, but I have to have faith and trust that I will.....


  1. Amen Sista! Yay we realed you in. I Heart Blogging!

  2. lol thanks P.s. this is going to be a blog based on my crazy ranting lol got to get out some where.