Sunday, August 23, 2009

colgate country showdown

Alright once again I went for a shot at the colgate country showdown. This has been a crazy few week preparing for the showdown. I couldnt deside on the song till right before. I endend up changing my song three times, but in the end I went with settling. It wasnt worth all the stress I built up. I always freak out when it is not needed. I guess thats the life of a spazie lol. The comptetion was amazing. I dint make the top 5 like last year, but im ok with that now. I am just thankful I had my amazing family their to keep my calm. there tactics are to yell "callie stop it, your being silly" wich is very true, if you know me and the stuff that comes out of my mouth lol its kind of silly. But after we went as a family to ride rides and I won a fish, that I named heseckia. So i guess I cant say I dint win anything lol. We had to fight for my fish. Dang cheap carnies. The funniest and most horrible part of the night was jayden. My 18 month year old cousin, got ahold of the hand sanitizer that has 65% ach... so after calling, and making sure he was ok we had a drunk baby on are hands. Its was sad, but funny he had a really good night. As well as me all in all only being a fish winner. lol I must be really growing up I dont really seem to care about the little things in life as much as I used too. I am just happy My AMAZING family was their to support me like always. THANKS GUYS! P.s. im really sorry I dont know why but spell check never works on this, and spelling is not one of my gifts lol.
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