Monday, September 21, 2009

passing time

So it all started this week when I have been laying in bed sick with the flu. As the week went on boredom set in, and left me with my own memories. always a scary thought lol. But its funny I was looking over old pics and letters and myspace posts and it came to me how short life really is, and how fast time really does fly. I remember when I was little thinking about were I would be now and Im not anywhere close to where I thought I would be. But in some ways im much better off. for example I never thought I would be active in the church or live in boise id for that matter, but not knowing is kind of what makes life great.
Its so funny to look back a the little problems I had in the past and I just remember thinking my life could not go on lol. but I always pulled through and look back thinking man that was dumb. but I guess thats what happens when your a mellow dramatic person lol. the one thing about the past that does make me sad is the friendships that are made and lost. So my advice to you is take the little memories well you can, and try not to focus on the crisis and hand. Because I think its the little things stringed together that make up for all the pain feel.


  1. I always chant..this too shall pass, This too shall pass. feel better soon. Just so you know this flu doesn't last that long.

  2. Holy crap. Just found your blog and...we have the same name! You're the first other "Callie Cowan" I have ever met! (Or sort of met!) I just became Callie Cowan when I got married in August. I can't believe there are two of us in the world!

  3. That is so cool I love Our name. Congrats on getting married! I will have to follow you since we share the same name. I wonder if we are related. lol