Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caving A True Testimony Builder

Alright what a crazy life we live in. I was invited to go on a caving trip down Smiths Crack (the name sounds bad lol) I was so excited to go I instantly invited a date to come. In my mind I pictured the cave like caves in norther cali big and wide with some tight craw spaces. I was so excited during the week, I was planning on showing this boy I like that I am a hard core girl! Aka not really! So I went out and bought underarm-er, head lights, powerades....etc. I felt totally prepared for the trip. The night before at a bon fire I ended up in a huge fight with my best friend. That night I was so upset I did not sleep when I answers my phone at 2am only to receive a call from the boy I was taking caving. He called with 101 lame reasons why he could not come. Side note,this Is why I hate guys sometimes I confirmed a week in advanced he had plenty of time to cancel before 2 am. But at least I found out early right? Any how I woke up in the mornings still upset on both accounts still determined to go and forget about my troubles. Only problem was when I got their it was coupled off great!!! On the arrival the cave we got out of the car only to say “ Where is the cave”? My friend replied “Your looking at it”. A tiny small cramped hole in the ground with a drop off. Now I was like I am staying in the car. The guys all were oh no you are not. I think they should of listened to me lol. Now anyone who knows me well knows how I panic when I'm scared. This honestly was the scariest, hardest thing I have ever done. The caved consisted of ten feet drops, scaling down ropes, pressuring up walls, crawling threw holes were I got so stuck I had to painfully pull my body threw. Sound fun? So the last haul of the trip, by this time I was starting to relax and have some fun. Until we hit this part of the cave that was about 40 feet up with no wall to push off of along with no hand holds to grab on to. Everyone headed up and was at the top when I was considering LIVING in the cave for the rest of my life. All of a sudden I hear a scream only to see a girl that was with us fall 30 feet and hit the ground....... I was so scared every possible thought of danger ran through my mind. This part of the cave a a very small strait opening with multiple ledges that some one surly would hit their head on the side. Angels were with us in the cave, she fell so perfect. We all stared in awww shock at how she fell so perfect. She did not break one bone, only cut her chin needing stitches with a slight concision. As we said a prayer the spirit in this dark dirty cave; with danger at every turn felt like thousands of lights filled the room I know the spirit was with us. I am thankful for having 3 priest hood members with us that were experienced enough to get all of us girls out safely with no harm. Note after she fell I had a panic attack when I was climbing up do to one boy saying “now be careful this is were she fell”. Did they have to say that? Lol I was shaking so bad I could not breath. Callie just moved up a few hard core notches! Thank fully we lived and had an amazing time squeezing threw the birth canal. I know feel like I have been reborn and with a new found knowledge that my savior truly does live. He loves all his children and is with them in every step of life!