Thursday, May 13, 2010

Light Switch

Action is all around us its in everything that we do and posses. Every thought, emotion, activity or words are used as expression to find individual worth. Every action has a reaction and a consequence. Most people can be classified into categories. Our brains naturally look for patters in everything as a way to sort and retain information. We as individuals have a tendency to place others in our own specific categories as a way to protect our self . These grouping may hinder growth but they also enable us to live life in a functioning in a way until we can let others in.
In a way we all fall into individual categories in our own lives. There are those of us who fall into the category of the watchers these people tend to be reserved and don't desire the constant attention of the world. There are those who are shifters who are viewed as having low self esteem and never have an opinion of their own but rely on the strength of others. There are those who are Jokers, sarcastic and come off to many as the ones you need to keep an eye on.
There are so many different classifications of individual to list them all. We place individuals into these grouping based on our personal life experiences and what we have come to learn about set individuals. Is this process of selection and categorization acceptable? Most likely not,but it all comes down to one factor TRUST. Trust is what we all are seeking, in the constant search for that one person that we can rely on and feel truly understands us; as well as accepts us as individuals. Some time I think we put to must trust in one individual creating a ideal person of who we want them to be, instead of accepting the reality of who they really are.
I feel in my own life the moment I began to put the walls down and let someone in they demonstrate exactly why I can not trust them. Once again forcing me to stereotype all new individuals that enter into my life. Has anyone you ever loved betrayed you? Or done something so painful and hurtful you don't even know where to begin pick up the pieces to trust them. Let alone allow your self trust some one else. The thing with trust it in involves vulnerability. We as humans like to pretend were strong and independent and letting someone in only to have them hurt you is life changing.
I guess the point to this is we all categorize even if its not always right we do it. But honestly what is the point? We use this as a defense mechanism but one important factor to keep in mind is when trusting whether it be a new person or someone who has wrong you. Trust Is not like a Light Switch that can be turned on or off. It takes time and the willingness to slowly have the faith that trust will be establish after time.
Stop judging and classifying from what you have heard from others mouths for in my experience it the one who you think will do you over in the end's up being amazing. Trust takes time, learn to trust yourself and know that no matter how someone hurts you are strong and can handle any situation life throws at you. So live, love and trust.

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